Thursday, February 28, 2008


After finally conquering the mind blank that has plaguing me for weeks, I've finally slew the dragon that is my inability to find a topic and raise the flag of my so-called creativity to write this post. So the sane people of good taste may start quivering their in boots and pray that they do not fall into the 0.00001% of the population that reads this infernal and sorry excuse for a blog.

Now that we've gotten through the unnecessary and long-winded self-depreciation we can go on and place something after this sentence that relates to the title.

I'm a gamer and a geek. There is no denying that and I am rather proud of it. I like the idea that I am actually of above average intelligence (how humble) and be a complete dumbass at the same time. For the following months, I almost forgot this vital detail of my persona. Well, after the purchase of a portable gaming system (and the eventual repair of my gaming PC), I have once again acknowledged this detail as a core value of my existence.

But gamer and geek are just two of the labels that make up the entirety of this sad, deluded and charming entity (that would be me, but seriously, if you couldn't figure that out then I suggest you take a comprehension class). I'd like to think that I'm a fudie at heart and one of the few living conversationalists left on this Godforsaken earth. If you're familiar with Planescape, one could say I'm a bit of a namer to the Sensates (in other words, I value the experience or seek a variety of experience and appreciate them, negative or positive)

But to say that we, as sentient and feeling organisms, are made up of combinations of hundreds of labels would be stupid. We're not programs, this is why Artificial Intelligence, for all its' calculating consistency cannot contend with humanity's ability to be unpredictable.

If you've come this far, you're probably asking what's the point? I would then suggest that you drop your email address so I can send you a picture of that Nelson kid in the Simpsons pointing and laughing at you with his trademark "Ha! Ha!" But no. The point is, we can label ourselves all
we want, or other if we feel like it ('tis fun, mean, but fun, ask a certain emo person I know how much I derive pleasure from such a mundane activity) but we can never truly predict what we do or what we are capable of. Labels can give people an idea of who or what we are but they also give us room for surprises which I think what makes mankind the dominant species in God's green earth. So I say unto you, dear reader, cherish your entropy, it's what gives us the ability to nuke the whales.... and the sense not to.

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