Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Christmas Post that Was

The problem, and I daresay it’s a major problem, is that this year’s Christmas is perhaps the most un-Christmas-y one we’ve had in recent years. And I’m sure I am not alone in this opinion, so hold your /wrist retorts for a moment.

It could be that recent tragedies have something to do with the gloomy Yuletide. What with a the wrath of nature still haunting us, or the images of one man’s greed and corruption leading to a massacre of such disturbing fashion. But that’s the beat of the Nation we’re talking about. It may have a say in how we perceive the holidays, but really, in such times it is the personal things that, in my own experience, dictate our orientation. Of course, if you ask me, this year, as in the whole of 2009, can go ahead and FUCK ITSELF.



Ahem... moving along...

The decrease in purchasing power could also be a factor, but if you think about it, it always is. Ergo, it is a given anyways. So it is not something we should actively look into, or Ted Mosby about too much. ((Oh hoho, he just used a HIMYM joke, comedy gold Jerry!) Wait, did I just use a Seinfeld joke to point out my HIMYM joke? Bricks are shiat as we speak!)).

Most people would say maybe they’re just getting old. Now, while that may seem like a valid point, I have to ask, if the person telling me that is 3 years or so younger, does that mean I grew up too late? Seriously, saying we’re just getting old is like, a cool way of trying to look worldly and all that shit. But I doubt it really is age because 3 years ago, I wasn’t feeling the same thing you’re feeling right now.

Perhaps it’s the over commercialization of it all, the traffic and need to wade through a sea of humanity just to certain individuals gift that, despite the effort you put into, is still subject to their petty judgment and criticism on how well you know them. Of course, that in itself is satisfying when one sees their faces light up with (feigned) appreciation, thus making all that retail royal rumble worthwhile.

Or perhaps, and I’d hate to think that this would be true, the paradigm has shifted to the point that Christmas isn’t something magical or special anymore. It’s still has cultural significance, but not as deep, or not as heartfelt as before. We are simply going through the motions of the season and act all normal when it’s over. In short, the spirit really is dead, like a horse, and we’re simply beating it, hoping that it would eventually come back to life.

I’d hate to think that we’ve become that jaded.

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