Wednesday, February 17, 2010

2010: The First 2 Months

The problem with most people is that they tend to treat the New Year as a convenient reset-button that would erase all the setbacks they've undergone. Thus, they can rise from the ashes of their monumental failures with a clean slate, like some sort of phoenix that is made of win. From there, they can go on their merry little way making delusional resolutions and goals that are most likely, impossible or unattainable due to a complete lack of willpower on their part.

Of course, I myself am part of this collective called "most people" and would be branded a handsome little liar if I say otherwise. Because come on, it's so damn easy to think this way and perhaps even comforting to some degree. Heck, some might even recommend that kind of attitude, and sometimes they're right in doing so.

But you see, life doesn't change just because the number on the date changed. And it took two months of the so-called New Year to make me realize that. As one goes along, you figure that while there are a lot of changes going on, most of them aren't that big of a deal, or won't last long. As time passes, you will realize that the suck that plagued your previous year, hasn't really gone away. (Apparently suck has no expiry date)

Then again, that doesn't mean that you should abandon all hope. True change I believe shouldn't be planned, it should be realized, and simply done.


Rico said...

I think it's more like your pessimism having no expiry date :P

Anonymous said...

Ang bitter mo.

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