Thursday, December 6, 2007

Birthday Trifecta in Play

Today marks the beginning of a series of birthdays to be celebrated by three individuals who have the misfortune of knowing this author. That doesn't even count the other two who, despite being colleagues, were the lucky ones who have escaped the fate of ever coming into close contact with yours truly.

Birthdays are a peculiar thing. While I do subscribe to the fact that its one of those festivities that only gets worse as time goes by, it's something that we can never ever detach ourselves, unless you're part of certain religious orders who have the wisdom of totally ignoring the celebratory ritual of being one year closer to shedding one's mortal coil.

Still, the notion of recognizing another year gone by is surprisingly therapeutic. It allows as an avenue of reflection of what we are, what we've become, and what we could possibly be. While such evaluations can be done any time we please, attaching a certain time period puts a different and perhaps even more focused perspective in self-appraisal.

To end, I will shockingly share a few "personal"(I have no word that would go a level below affectionate) messages to the celebrants. For the one celebrating on this very day, thank you. Our past may very well qualify as an emotional rollercoaster, but it is how we cope with what is left that makes it truly worthwhile.

To the one celebrating on the 7th, your honesty has always been appreciated. While I would like to change our current social setup, having the privilege of your company dampens the bittersweetness of it all.

Finally, for the one celebrating on the 8th, you silly bastard. A decade of delightful dissonance and brotherhood we have shared, surviving through tough times and remembering (perhaps too much) the good. Here's hoping we have more decades to come you sick and twisted git.

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