Friday, November 30, 2007

Productive Boredom

If one remembers Melissa Joan Hart's portrayal of wisecracking teenage girl in Nickelodean's Clarissa Explains It All, one could remember her saying boredom makes one into a boring person.

Yes, nuggets of knowledge are available if you actually put too much thought into it, even in a cheesy early 90s tweener sitcom.

Boredom can only make you boring if you don't use that little mass if fleshy tissue inside your fragile cranium otherwise known as a brain. While most unimaginative sods prefer a catatonic state when slipping into a period of tedium, creative types would use such a time to explore the untapped recesses of the human imagination. Never mind that most males would probably be evoking the visions of living their days in Harem of their choosing. Still, the stimulation of imagination can bring about the best (and the worst) of ideas.

There is a fine line with being bored and being lazy. Some of us prefer to blur the lines. It is, after all, oh so convenient. At that point in time, such indiscretions are venial. Only when it becomes a habit does one suffer the shallowness and lack of potent mental imagery. A fate, in my humble opinion, worse than genetic stupidity.

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