Saturday, January 12, 2008


This weekend presented a uniquely alien experience: A trip to a "divinely touched" location with the motivation of gaining guidance to obstacles that plague the perpetually troubled mind.

Hoping for an invisible hand to provide hints and clues on how to go about the mysteries and struggles of everyday seems like an idea born of desperation. Still, in a world that doesn't come with a user manual or a clear curriculum to achieving happiness, perhaps placing trust on a omnipotent being portrayed as a bearded man riding on clouds might not be so bad after all. Atheist may claim otherwise, but to each their own.

It wouldn't hurt to try, as they say. Given such an opportunity, the author asked for what was considered necessary at that given time: Clarity. Clarity on things that have been gnawing at the mind and the heart. Of course, with something as immaterial as faith, one can never be sure when such things will manifest. While being free of the burden of such worries is welcome development. Paranoia of missing or misinterpreting the signs (if such things exist) is always a possibility.

To paraphrase Cowper, The Big Man works in mysterious ways. And yet this begs the question, would it be so blasphemous to ask for a straight answer rather than work through a medley of riddles and omens? Perhaps, it is the act of actually undergoing such difficulties that will give us the clarity that we need, and the results are really mere afterthoughts rather than the true answers that we continuously seek.

Of course, in the end, it's really just a matter of faith, if not, perspective.

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