Saturday, January 5, 2008

It's Complicated™ part 1

"It's Complicated™" - Two well-known words in the average Friendster junkie's vocabulary that can easily generate a sudden spur of interest and perhaps unwanted attention.

It seems the invocation of this verbal pair is sure to elicit response from close and not-so-close friends to inquire about the story behind the sudden shift in relational status. Strangely enough, if this author is not mistaken, to claim that a certain situation or scenario is "complicated" is to avert the need to explain the situation outright, whether due to emotional and psychological stress with regards to the situation or inability to fully grasp the reality that is currently presented. And yet the mere sight of those two words betray that very purpose as everyone who is hypnotized by it's alluring gaze begins to pry and investigate on the juicy details of the moment leading to donning of such a label.

The wiser among us would prefer to never make use of the label, or at the very least, chose to ignore the clamor of the overly curious. Still, such trivial matters of Social Networking sites features and functions hardly touch upon the very concept of what is "complicated". Because if one were to truly stop and consider, everything, especially anything related to human relations and interactions, is complicated.

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