Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Every New Beginning Comes From Some Other Beginning's End

A new year, a new chapter.

At least that's what this author would like to believe. Can the end of a cycle really mean a new lease in life? Or a new beginning?

It is quite convenient to think of it that way, yet, what is often forgotten is that, in order for some things to begin, something else must usually come to an end. That may not be universally true, but it still brings up the notion of letting go. Out with old, in with the new as they say.

But as far as yearly self-assessments go, one wonders if this practice of closing doors in order to open other windows of opportunity is something that one might eventually regret. A good friend recently said that sometimes we just don't have to look back at the choices we make. Yet, the idea of abandoning a pursuit, one that has been heavily invested upon, can be quite.... difficult to say the least. Is it possible that despite good intentions, this tidbit of wisdom would lead to a path lost forever, or will stubborn delusions blind the recipient from the harsh and brutal truth?

The above is but the proverbial tip of the iceberg. The celebration of New Year's day is usually marred with life-altering ruminations and contemplations of self-improvement. It may be a new year, but does that necessarily mean that it has to be a new you? Must we only change only after the 365-day cycle? Do we really need to simply let go?

2008, personally, seems to have started the way 2007 did. Just a whole bunch of questions, with the answers nowhere to be found.

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