Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Crafty One that One

There are few people who get my respect. Ok, that's a bold-faced lie, I respect a lot of people. Still, there are few people who I respect who fall in the category of bloggers. One such person is Mikey "Fucking" Villar, who, in his twisted little blogging world, dubbed himself the Rising Internet Star. Normally, such claims to fame would elicit my "watch me give a damn" remark. However as Mikey is someone who I respect as a fellow scribe and wordsmith, I find his work profound and informative enough to pick him as my Bloggers' Choice Award for this year's Philippine Blog Awards. But don't take my word for it, simply look at his majestic and elegant visage and you'll realize that you're speaking to one of the Internet's wisest men:

Uh huh.... yes, he seems very... respectable...
yes... talk about a buffet of man... li... ness...

Ok fine, the truth is I rather find his work amusing due to his uncanny ability to make fun of himself in a most humorous manner. But beyond the comedy and the self-depreciation ala Chandler Bing, Mr. Villar captures that old school dark and offensive humor that has been lost thanks to the pussification of civilzation as we know it. Sensitivities and political correctness is thrown out the window and made as a comedy act that covertly reveals our truest notion of what is funny. Face it people, you may think what he said is so very wrong on so many levels, yet you find yourself silently giggling as you read each homosexual innuendo and internet-tough-guy Schadenfreude that few people like the Rising Internet Star can deliver.

Like the title says, his a crafty one, that one.

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