Friday, September 19, 2008

Spirit of the Holidays (A Talk Like A Pirate Day Post)

Holidays, be a mixed bag. Some be meant fer commemoratin' events in history, others be meant t' celebrate th' lives o' great (an' sometimes, nay-so-great) men an' lasses. Attachin' meanin' t' dates ben a common practice eresince civilization began. Then thar be some unofficial holidays that, fer unexplained reason, manifests from what once be isolated subcultures.

Talk Like A Sea dog Tide (TLAPD) be probably one o' th' most absurd holidays t' be conceived. While nay reckoned as an official event, 't perhaps captures th' very essence o' stickin' t' th' "spirit" o' holidays. Born from th' Internet, a dreary an' morally derived place, TLAPD stems from th' many subcultures that be jokingly formed through some dark an' twisted meetin' o' like minds. 't represent th' lighter side o' Internet humor in a way that one cannot help but be enticed t' 'tis motley invitation t' th' realm o' self-mockin' an' jack language.

While celebraitng petty thieves an' thugs o' th' seas, th' swashbucklin' truth be that, like many holidays, TLAPD be formulated by a collective, like some sort o' primitive civilization/tribe thin'. Really, I could go on an' talk more anthropology, but I scarely reckon such lessons. Still, th' idee or idee be under th' motivation nay dri'en by profit or swabbieal gain, rather as a way t' claim an' celebrate somethin' unique. Us Internet geeks got t' be havin' somethin' after all.

Wi' that in mind, TLAPD in all 'tis notion o' stupidity an' debauchery-inducin' existence be here t' stay. Whether or nay 'tis reckoned by th' powers t' be as legitimate be irrelevant. After all, we, th' free swabbiess o' th' Internet, will celebrate 't nay matter what.

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