Saturday, September 13, 2008

Words Just Get In the Way

Actions speaks louder than words and a picture is worth a thousand of them. We can say very little but mean so much. We can say a lot and mean absolutely nothing at all. The meaning behind them is what gives them weight. The voice reciting them is what gives them character.

But words are just words.

Conveying ideas and expressing emotions — That's what words are for. They can deliver the sweetest of lines that make us fall or deliver the saddest of news that make us cry. They can hide the deepest of lies and reveal the sincerest of truths. They entertain, they bore, they make us think, they make us question.

But, words are just words.

We say them outright, we say them so smoothly and so eloquently. We stammer through them, our diction faltering as we go along. We play with them, we struggle. We reach out and form relationships with them. We use them to cut ties and burn bridges, and at the same time, we trust on them to rebuild and reform what was once lost.

We whisper, we shout. We write, we sing. So tell me again, are words just words?

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