Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Don't Dream It's Over

Dreamers are often stereotyped as idiots who chase rainbows and fall flat on their faces. Meanwhile, most dreamers would like to be seen as people who make their own reality to achieve their dreams and goals. While it may sound ludicrous to claim at first, but truly, looking at it there isn't much difference between the two interpretations.

People who overextend their ambitions towards the ebb and flow of the sea of reality are shunned for the mere fact that well, what they wish is at best improbable. Now, dreaming is free but that's just the very problem. One must usually gain something at a cost. Being stuck with the notion of "dreams are free" is counter productive. Achieving dreams usually come at a great cost or at the very least, a compromise in the existing situation.

Until one finally understands that making dreams come true comes in exchange or sacrifice of something else, then perhaps the ability to manipulate factors and strive towards the goal will be sufficiently possible. Not a guarantee but perhaps failure in this case could lead to a new dream or the REAL dream that one was blind to in the first place.

This however begs the question, at what costs will one be willing to pay just to achieve their dreams?

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