Saturday, August 23, 2008

Goodnight, Good Guy

Perhaps one of the most underrated bands in the 90s, Collective Soul will forever remain, as one of the author's favorite bands. Debuting in 1993, the Atlanta-based band's Hints, Allegations, and Things Left Unsaid album contained a little gem of a song entitled "Goodnight, Good Guy". While the intro of the song featured an upbeat chord progression, the solemnity of the song and the message behind (at least to me) is where it derives it's magic.

"Goodnight, Good Guy" describes a person close to the song's protagonist, a male figure who, according to the chorus, imparts wisdom, comfort and guidance. As the stanzas progress, it is implied that Mr. Good Guy here is seemingly gone with a clear indication of the protagonist's longing for the man's company. Toward the end, a resolution as made as the singer finally accepts the reality of this absence and lets go.

August 23 marks the 62nd birthday of a great man, who I have the privilege to call father. Conrado "Dodie" Casas de Leon may have passed away nearly 4 years ago, his legacy and memory remains with several people otherwise known as my family. In a sense, he was my "Good Guy" and much like the singer, I miss his guidance, his advice and more importantly, "be the one to tell me everything's all right."

While the last couple of years have me in stumbling through life feeling lost due to his absence, I am, thankfully, slowly getting back on my feet. A big part of that lies in the knowledge that somehow, someway, my Good Guy lives through me. The values, the memories and the love that he gave me will see me through to whatever path lies ahead of me.

So Dad, thank you for everything and happy birthday. I'm gonna let you sleep, Ill let you fade off in the night. I pray the lord to keep, I pray the lord to hold you tight. Goodnight, Good Guy.


Technograph said...

It's wonderful to see technology (the blog post) being used in such a human way... remembering the wonderful memories that emanated from an apparently great man.

Dave J said...

I just lost my father yesterday morning. After my sister and I made arrangements for my mother, we each made the lone dash to get from Spokane to our homes in the Seattle area before a winter snow storm hit. I spent the whole 5+ hour drive listening to this CD. As you, I was struck by the last verse -- "I'm gonna let you sleep, I'll let you fade off in the night. I pray the Lord to keep, I pray the Lord to hold you tight. Goodnight, Good Guy." It was so apropos.

I found your blog when I did a search for lyrics so I could pass them along to other family members. I had to let you know you weren't the only one to be affected this way by the song.

Coy de Leon said...

tis a wee bit late, but I thank you for the comments Rico and Dave

Coy de Leon said...

And my condolences to you and your family Dave

maribel said...

So much said that I'm so proud of you my dear nephew. Great Blog in memory of your father and my brother, Thank you