Friday, August 8, 2008

Auspicious Day

August 8, 2008 (08-08-08) is considered by many as an auspicious day. Merely because of the numerical coincidence and not much else. Others may attribute a negative connotation to such days depending on one's religion or superstitious orientation.

But really, is there such a thing as an auspicious day? Can the Lady of Fortune's (or Misfortune) smile truly shine the brightest on days of numerical significance? Luck, as it is, seems to be on everyone's mind on such days, an epidemic that may simply condition impressionable minds to do things they would otherwise not normally do.

Perhaps it's all in the mind. We consider it to be our lucky day because we've fooled ourselves to thinking that it is. A man may suddenly get the courage and confidence to reveal certain secrets under the influence of believing illogical flights of fancy. If things don't go his way what then? The blame has to be placed somewhere and it is somewhat convenient to once again to place on unforeseen circumstances outside of the mortal ken.

Of course, there are times that such things do turn out for the best. Indeed a dash of confidence can do wonders, no matter the source. If it works, it's probably adequate. A mindset can do so much to change outcomes and situations. Scenarios are run perfectly given the right mindset, or so wrongly if the contrary is true.

Still, it's a lot like saying that thinking positively allows us a modicum of control over the situation. As if the, by sheer force of will, we manipulate the forces around us to a favorable outcome. That would be such an enticing idea, if we can just forget the fact that other people actually have their own scenarios, agendas, mindsets and that little thing called free will. No big deal right?

Auspicious day or no, it is the mindset, the belief that drives us to do amazing feats or fail miserably. But if that mindset is brought about by a paper thin belief of luck on certain moon cycles or geometric position who really cares? In the end, all that matters are the results.

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