Friday, August 22, 2008

Things Left Unsaid

In a somewhat expected act of pedantry, I found myself proverbially shitting bricks after watching a crude anime show called Detective Conan. While I don't understand how a high profile detective is drugged and has gone missing for several weeks does not raise any kind of clamor in the investigative community much less the protagonists social circle (nevermind he re-emerges as a child that is adopted by his girlfriend's family), the series does have its merits. While not in the realm of Sherlock Holmes/Dr. House M.D. investigative genius built upon meticulous observation of detail, the cases are mind boggling enough to keep one entertained for an hour or so.

This particular episode dealt with a rockstar (a royal douche that looks like the bastard child of Cloud Strife and Vash the Stampede, I don't even wanna know how that is plausible but that's the first thing that stuck to my mind) who is poisoned by his manager and ex-bandmate who is pissed off because the victim kept making her sing Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. Later it was explained it was due to that prior to being band manager the killer was not attractive and had undergone surgery due to being apparently madly in love with the victim. With me so far? It gets better.

Turns out the victim would've reciprocated that love but is upset because of the surgery, making him a bitter, bitter man who continously agitates the love of his life to the point the she sumarrily kills him. How tragic.

Of course the story is surprisingly deep for a Japanese animation with a 7-10 year-old manchild as a the lead. These two people, killer and victim, could've avoided all the pain and tragedy had they only had the heart to express their true feelings for each other. As cheesy as that sounds, how many do we know fall to this same trap and end up wallowing in several, cooked-up "what if" scenarios.

While the consequences of failing to express true intent may not be as dire as depicted in the show, such situations are still somewhat tragic. Of course, there is wisdom in having certain things best left unsaid. But more often than not, this situations are best put in the "ignorance is bliss" category.

For every action is an equal reaction. The principle is that keeping mum about such things are a way of playing it safe and avoiding to solicit a reaction. Of course, the problem with such a concept is there is no stimulae that would otherwise generate an outcome. And stories without outcomes can be quite annoying.

Whatever it is that left unsaid, may eventually come to light, or fade into obscurity. At the end however, being able to said what is needed to be said can grant a sense of release, whether the outcome is favorable or not.

Shame I can't seem to follow that logic sometimes.

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