Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Following through

Introductions are just that: introductions. Most people like to place a lot of weight on making a first impression, sometimes forgetting that at the end of it all, it is the conversations, the in-betweens that matter.

While even the most casual of greetings are rejected, the fact of life is this, you will be rejected, and it's best to get used to it. No matter what endeavor is pursued, rejection is imminent and inevitable. In this case however, the humiliation is not so evident if you simply state your name, your business and intent. Call it a cop out, saving face or whatever, fact of the matter is the embarrassment and the emotional strain doubles if the rejector is fully aware that you're torn apart by such a petty excuse to be depressed.

While most people are shallow enough to let looks be the basis of any dialog - worse if that person is truly that superficial - then you're probably better of sharing your tales of inadequacy and need for affection to some other simpleton willing to be regaled by your futile campaign of significance. While one could opt to use superlatives and high-handed tales to woo that much longed for attention of another sentient being, it is often best to just get the point across and focus on getting to know your subject better and proceed to share tidbits (honest tidbits, mind you. Embellish if you must, but at least maintain a modicum of truth.) of yourself. It is at this point, that one can truly get anywhere in initiating a relationship.

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