Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Saying hello is easily difficult

The title, I believe says it all. The first post of such an attention-whoring journal that is this blog will, theoretically, invite other readers to relish in the absolute stupidity of my ramblings that are devoid of any known logic.

But in truth, saying hello, in a world of complicated and thinking (sometimes unthinking) people can be quite the conundrum. It's a lot like asking someone out for coffee. The words are easy enough to fabricate. Through half-hearted practice and futile encouragement of oneself, any simpering fool could easily blurt out a semi-coherent sentence that might refer to such an invitation. Alas, our folly is that when presented the opportunity, we overthink, we overcomplicate, going several steps ahead of our agenda even before starting, which simply results in a stammering failure to communicate.

A first post, as most people view it, is supposedly an introduction of the authors insignificant (and on rare occasions, significant) contributions to the known world, as well as a summary of what the niche of said journal is about. While many prefer to pour their stories ranging from moments of mediocrity to their (often fabricated) expertise, some, like this author, would prefer to keep banging on the keyboard until he makes a semblance or nugget of sense.... and utterly fail.

I suppose the traditional "Hello World!" greeting would suffice. However, for someone whose bloated ego and basic command of the English language is beyond that of an ape, it is somewhat.... inadequate. As it stands, I'm not even sure any self-respecting individual would waste a few minutes reading the emotional diatribe of a self-proclaimed hack. In that regard, I've best summarized what this blog is about with that drivel otherwise known as the first post.

It is a blog about absolutely nothing..... (cue Seinfeld music)


riz said...

HOY!! Mas emo ka pa kay tj a. Haha. welcome to the blogosphere. Rant rant rant!! :)

coydeleon said...

I prefer a detached approach to my rants. If you ignore the obvious bitterness and vitriol...