Saturday, November 24, 2007

You Gotta Have Faith

"Having faith doesn't mean you can't doubt"

I think that's what a friend told me during a binge session of caffeine and nicotine. No matter, as the message is somewhat the same. While I'm not really into considering mushy, touchy-feely advice as a habit, there is always room for exceptions here and there.

The comment arose when the notion of being emotionally guarded and wary of trusting a partner came to light. Of course no wants to be played for a fool, especially considering the amount of emotional investment involve in such dealings. Victims find solace by feigning pragmatism and cold calculating indifference to the callings of love and companionship. Still, the facade is futile at best.

The common mistake of a person in love is to think that trust or faith disallows one to question and investigate. However, a need for balance should always be present. There are those who question or doubt too much that they put themselves in a state of self-induced paranoia.

In line with my sardonic and cynical nature, I've always believed that a relationship's is only as strong as the lies and truths it is built upon. Everyone lies, no matter how faithful or loyal you are, lies will be told. The problem is whether or not the lie hurts or helps. The self-righteous would zealously point out that a lie is still a lie, but if one thinks of the bigger picture and goes beyond what they've learned in Sunday school perhaps they can see that certain lies can be told and are completely harmless. Not with the intent to harm, but to belay harm, if not to show fully how irrelevant such a fact is in the grander scheme of things.

Faith, personally, is seeing through the harmless lies while taking care not to mix them up with those that will scar you. Denying oneself of the joys (and the pains) of a relationship because of the fear to have faith is counterproductive and at times, completely idiotic. Living is about experiencing, interacting and (hopefully) a lot of laughter along the way. After all, a little faith goes a long way.

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