Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Knocked Up

It is somewhat strange that the world's most compelling truths could be found not in the scriptures of antiquity, but rather in the modern medium that is film. "Knocked Up", a romantic comedy headlined by Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl is one such movie that tells the viewer more about life than the Chicken Soup for the Soul series of books.

The recurring obstacle, it would seem, is that both characters do not know what to do given the situation of pregnancy, forever questioning other older characters, if not themselves, what must be done to handle such situations that require an unfamiliar sense of responsibility. It brings about the question that most of us in our early to mid-20s (and at times, those even above that age bracket) have behind the very recesses of our mind: "do we really know what we're doing in this life?"

Other postulations of note include the glaring gap in communication between opposite sexes, the male gender's need for space, the fear of moving out one's comfort zone and detours of destiny. I won't go into details as these epiphanies are best realized when watching the movie.

These realizations are, to be quite honest, scary. It reminds us that, despite the movie's reassuring ending, that at a certain point in time, our existence will require us to grow up; reminding us that as much as we try to take control of our lives, some people are cursed to suffer unexpected twists and turns that will ultimately unmake any grand schemes he or she may have had. The best of us will accept our new path, others simply wallow in the sea of regret and failed aspirations.

The inevitability of growing up, is, sad to say, upon us all. Try as we might to delay it, we will eventually succumbed to its mandate. At that point in time, we may still not know the answers and what road to traverse, but rest assured that in spite of the helplessness of our plight, the outcome ultimately depends on us.

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