Saturday, May 31, 2008


Just recently did I realize someone had sent me one those damnable chain letters via email. Granted this one did the usual shtick with a little bit of panache: A Chinese proverb in a power point presentation. While I wouldn't mock people who send me such things, I do however feel the need to rant on it given the ludicrous suggestion that something like this could bring me luck. Never mind that the past few weeks has found me in a fouler mood than usual.

Luck, is not something magical, it's simply a word that is attributed to randomness and invisible probabilities. The phrase "it's better to be lucky than good" can be twisted to become an excuse to people who would prefer to not improve upon skill. I believe in luck, but I never rely on it.

What is sickening to me perhaps, is that I almost actually thought of sending 20 copies of this... drivel to 20 other people. As if I finally admitted that I'm getting a bit desperate and would gladly welcome a guarantee that my supposed luck would turn around after 4 days. Fortunately (and it is somewhat amusing that I say that word) such ruminations are passing and I regained my senses quick enough to dismiss such a notion.

Whether these things are true or not is besides the point. It's all a matter of principle. If I ever got what I wanted out of sheer luck, I would be filled with a certain amount of positivity. But somehow that wouldn't feel as gratifying as gaining something I struggled for. In the immortal words of Kalapana "I want the real thing or nothing at all". When you get lucky, it doesn't feel AS REAL as something that was accomplished through your own actions. Of course, that doesn't mean that I would deny such fortunes, but it wouldn't hurt to aspire to recieve something that your deserve for the sheer reason that you struggled and endured for it.


nan said...

hey, nice new layout. just your luck!

Captain Beyond said...

oo nga no. naalala ko tuloy si bo sanchez. preacher in blue jeans. :P

Coy de Leon said...

Jeans are a symbolism of everyday life, which usually ends up getting better as it goes along like good pair of jeans....

Where do I come up with this crap?